The concessions in Luangwa Valley consists of 3 main areas, which all are situated around the southern part of South Luangwa National Park, which supplies the areas with quality trophies. The concessions have a total area of 575.000 ha. Enriched with untouched and diverse nature these areas are blessed with an abundant fauna. The game
thrives in the completely free conditions. E.g., for the past 4 years on the concession only a single “cat hunter” did not get what he came for. It was a bow hunter who got his lion but missed his leopard. Everyone who knows something about hunting and especially hunting the big cats knows that the success rate in Luangwa valley is exceptionally high. On the areas available to Game Adventures, elephant hunting is also possible, for the time being our collaborators are granted with 3 licenses for trophy elephants. Like the hunt on Leopard or lion, the hunt on elephant has a high success rate. Of other species that can be hunted on the Luangwa Valley concessions we can mention
Baboon (yellow).  
Civet cat.  
Genet cat.  
Duiker Common.  
Hartebeest (Lightenstein).