Our hunting areas in Namibia is districts located in Damara land in the north-western Namibia as well as a district between the Komas highlands and the Kalahari desert. You will be guided around some of the very best hunting districts in Namibia during your stay and this will give you the opportunity to shoot a top trophy of your preferred species.
Many hunters would like to bring their families along on their journey to the southern Africa. Game Adventures can both before, during and after the journey make sure that the non-hunting part of the family will have an unforgettable journey as well. We can also offer a wide range of activities before and after the hunt, we have, for that part of the journey, several collaborators in Africa and we can on the basis of that structure a program, which matches you and your group/family perfectly. Of different activities can we for example mention Rovos Rail, exclusive photo safaris, Big Game Fishing or a nice relaxing and luxurious stay, where the body and mind will be absolutely relaxed before the return travel.
Please contact us for a specific offer on your unique Africa journey.