Travel terms & conditions and useful information

When booking of the itinerary has been made a deposit of 50% of the total travel cost must be paid, unless other arrangements have been made. When deposit has been placed the enrolment is binding.

When payment of deposit has been made, which, unless arranged otherwise, is 50% of the cost of the whole trip; all outstanding balances must be paid in at least 30 days before the departure date. This can vary between trips and in some cases be up to 90 days before departure. If payment has not been made before the above mentioned due date or otherwise arranged date Game Adventures ltd. is in its full legal right to cancel the trip and keep the enrolled deposit.

Flight tickets
When tickets are issued they can usually not be changed nor cancelled. Regarding booking the booking of flight tickets, it is solely the customer’s responsibility to give the correct name to Game Adventures ltd. All names must be 100% identical with those of their passports and any visas that may apply. Is the ticket issued in the wrong name it can, in some cases, require the booking of a new ticket. The rules depend on the airline companies.

That is why it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that tickets and other travel documents is issued with the correct name.

The travelling party has a legal obligation to make sure that all the necessary and correct documents and papers are handed in at the check-in counter and at the weapon clearance area in the airport. Travellers are obliged to be aware of any possible changes in their itinerary plans as well as reconfirming the return flight latest 72 hours before the departure. This is done with the airline in question.

Game Adventure’s ltd. Cooperation with Jydsk Specialrejser, which further cooperates with some of Denmark’s largest providers of travel insurance European Travel insurance and Gouda Travel insurance and in cooperation with before mentioned, we recommend our travellers to subscribe to a travel- and cancellation insurance policy, travel insurance is determined by the customer’s individual needs and destination.



Travel guarantee fund and the law on package holidays
"The law on package holidays" applies to all travel arrangements, which is designed to give consumer protection to a certain extend. Travel bureaus must be a member of the travel guarantee fund (Game Adventures ltd. – reference number 1835) and be able to prove that they have notified the customer about the travel conditions including costs, conditions, payment etc. by the booking of the travel and before deposit has been paid by the customer. Game Adventures ltd. Refers, regarding before mentioned, to pricelist, invoices, offers containing incl. /excl., any possible vouchers, itinerary, own insurance certificates or made for the occasion insurance certificates.

By the booking of a trip our collaborators will be paid a deposit hence it is not possible to reclaim any deposits enrolled in case of a possible cancellation. The customer is obliged to pay the full invoiced amount have the trip been cancelled less than 30 days before departure. The full paid amount cannot be reclaimed in such cases as mentioned before. Is the cancelation due to changes in circumstances, illness or such, this is a case the customer can take out insurance to cover for the loss, read the paragraph regarding insurance.

Interruption of stay
There will be no refunds for missing services if, for some reason, the customer does not wish to complete the trip as booked. Is the cancelation due to changes in circumstances, illness or such, this is a case the customer can take out insurance to cover for the loss, read the paragraph regarding insurance.

Game adventures ltd.’s responsibility for any deficiencies including injury to their customers, or damages to, or loss of, any assets owned by these is limited to the amount compensation provided for by the international convections, which apply to the providers, such as Game Adventures ltd..  Is used during the implementation of the purchased travel of that of the customer.  For international air transport is it in accordance to the Warsaw Convection. Game Adventures ltd. is a member of The Travel Guarantee Fund reference number -1835- This ensures the customer after the fund’s conditions a full refund of the money paid as well as help with repatriation in case of Game Adventures’s receivership/bankruptcy.


Import of trophies
In several countries endangered animals, which is on the Washington convention list of endangered species, can be found. These species needs an import permit issued by the authorities in the customers home country. It is the customer’s own responsibility to acquire such permits. Check


Price regulations
In the event of price changes on plane tickets, taxes, duty fees, etc.. Game Adventures ltd. reserves the right to change the prices until departure. Change in the prices can also be as a result of rate fluctuations in the bound currencies.


Game Adventures ltd. must be contacted immediately if unpredictable events happen or if any problems occur. Is Game Adventures ltd. not contacted the customer’s right to complaint/compensation will lapse. Most Major and minor issues can be resolved between Game Adventures ltd. and our local collaborator.
Game Adventures advises all our travellers to contact their own GP (General Practitioner) well before the departure date to ensure the correct counselling.
Weapons and ammunition
If travelling with weapons and ammunition there are some simple precautions/rules. Game Adventures ltd. would like to inform about how to travel with weapons and ammunition as well as acquiring import permits and how to notify the airline companies about the weapons. As with all other kinds of baggage there is the risk that the weapon case might be delayed or lost. The customer has no right for price reductions or to cancel the trip in the event of this happening. However, some situations are possible to take out insurance for, read the paragraph regarding insurance. In most cases, weapons can be rented for a fee in the local hunting area, does the customer not wish to travel with weapons.
EU weapon passport
The weapon passport is required at all travels within the EU. To all destinations outside the EU weapon passport is not required unless the customer stays in a EU country on their way to the final destination.


Changes in the arrangement plans before and after the departure
If a travel by Game Adventures ltd. is changed or cancelled the customer must be informed about this as soon as possible. The customer must likewise inform Game Adventures ltd. about possible demands regarding the change or cancel of the travel. Failing to comply to this the right to make demands will lapse. However, there cannot be made demands if Game Adventures ltd. has already taken precautions for possible changes at the time of the booking of a specific arrangement or if the changes are caused by an extraneous third party and if Game Adventures ltd. could not have predicted and prevented this at the time of the booking of the travel.